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Featured Blockchain Project

Apla - Blockchain Platform for accelerating technological progress - Pilot Projects - Private Sale start November, 1st 2018

What is "AIRDROP" ?

Is airdrop a package that falls from the sky? You can say yep if you a soldier or PUBG'er, watching, waiting the right moment to have a box full of chicken winner shirt dropped. For Apple users, airdrop is a content sharing process between Apple smart devices. However, in the blockchain world, which is happening right now, airdrop process definition is a distribution of free cryptocurrency or money to a mass of users. These users often called "bounty" hunters. "Blockchain" project turns on airdrop to attract hunters attention and participation with bountiful free tokens or coins. Ethereum recognized as one the most popular platform in token airdrop. Other platforms such as Waves, Neo, and another blockchain platform follows.

How does airdrop work

At the beginning of the cryptocurrency airdrop concept, getting an airdrop is very simple as sending an airdrop from iPhone to mac. A user directly paid to provide their wallet address and sent it through a simple form. Users then received their airdrop token after max participated user reached. Users then keep their tokens in airtight wallet securely and trade them after token listed in an exchange. The whole initial airdrop settings are straightforward and you can make hundreds to thousand dollars.

These days, a user will need to pass their data and subscribed to blockchain project account. For example, 0x-ethereum will host XETH token airdrop to promote their ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and project. If you want to participate in their token project airdrop or bounty campaign, you will need to do some task such as subscribed to a newsletter, telegram channel, twitter, facebook, reddit, medium and other accounts related to the 0x-ethereum project. Then it would be best if you waited until 0x-ethereum token sale or ICO concluded to receive your airdrop token. Sometimes, users will require performing KYC procedure to receive airdrop token.

How to airdrop

Turn on airdrop with social media

Social media marketing is one powerful practice in the ad industry. That is why most of the project is utilizing social media for their presence. Here is the most common social media platform to turn on "airdrop" campaign.










Participating in airdrop and bounty campaign

Each airdrop provider or project had their unique token or coin that run in different blockchain platform. Each platform had their unique wallet address. "Airdrop participant" then will need to provide their public wallet address to receive token or coin. Remember you must hold the private key of the wallet otherwise, you will lose wallet access and there is no way to recover it.

Next step is to apply your participation in the forms provided. Each campaign had their own forms. Carefully enter your information details and submit it. Each project had their airdrop condition to fulfill. You must follow all the steps otherwise airdrop is not working for you.

Airdrop participant must have those mentioned social media account above with certain criteria. These example steps below will explain how to enter most airdrop and bounty campaign with social media account.

Facebook airdrop campaign :

Mostly you will need to like (follow) the airdrop project page only. A different project will require you to like and share their post.

Facebook bounty campaign :

You will need to like airdrop page project, like and share every post during the campaign. There will also minimum and maximum post to liked and shared. In some projects, a comment will be needed to create. Your follower count will determine your reward. Each follower count range had their number of the stake for every post liked and shared.

Example of stake reward

250+ followers: 0.25 stakes per like/share

500+ followers: 0.5 stakes per like/share

1000+ followers: 1 stake per like/share

5000+ followers: 1.5 stakes per like/share

10000+ followers: 2 stakes per like/share

Commonly these criteria will also be applied with Twitter, Instagram or other social media bounty campaign.

Airdrop and bounty campaign participant will also need to join telegram channel or group to link their participation with their social media account and report their work to prevent multiple account abuse.

Besides social media campaign, most of the blockchain project announce their airdrop and bounty campaign through forums. A user will be categorized by rank for participation in the signature bounty campaign. Participants with different level wear their appropriate avatar and signature code. The bounty participant must create a minimum positive post count. Post in some categories in the forum will not count. Few projects pay with bitcoin for participation in signature bounty campaign.

Translation campaign will also host in these forums. Translators will need to translate project announcement and bounty thread, whitepaper, legal, website, and other documents. Moderation stake will granted for updates and other activities in the announcement thread.

Building backlinks for a new project are essential to have a good site with organic traffic. That is why a blog bounty campaign hosted. The participant creates a minimum 500 words article and publishes it anywhere they like. Some blog bounty campaign needs specific website criteria allowed for blog creation. These are the best website to make a blog creation:




How to use "airdrop" token or coin.

Blockchain technology is very sophisticated and disruptive. Every token made for multiple unique functions. Depends on these token function, you can utilize them for any services available within it. Some of the tokens can be used for bitcoin price forecast, games, dating, ads, and now we are closing to a new era of the economy that brings tokenization of asset such as security token, property token, car token, and many more.

A trader will play ping-pong in a bitcoin exchange while some people "hodl" these airdrop tokens for investment. It's a matter of choice. Users will have to predict and separate between quality and shit airdrop token.

Since not all airdrop or bounty providers succeeded in their ICO and reliable to continue their project or even worse SCAM, a user will end receive an invaluable token or no token at all while user valuable personal data exchanged. When this happened your personal data will be used and sell to third-party and you cannot ask how to turn off airdrop. To prevent this situation user need to choose airdrop or bounty providers carefully.

Generally, users can prevent abuse of their data by merely checking some documents, account, and identity of airdrop provider or "blockchain" project such as legal paper, whitepaper, social media account, team identity, and other aspects. Check how they connected.

Users can also use trusted bounty management to search quality airdrop or bounty. Bounty management has done the hard part and user can participate in airdrop or bounty worries free. - Don’t Bounty before talking to the Experts. - recommended bounty and airdrop management

Another solution to prevent losses on user personal data exchange is to pay with liquid cryptocurrency ("Bitcoin") as additional value at front. Users could rest assured they will receive a valuable token or coin for their data exchange even if the project had failed in their mission.

Airdrop provider and affiliate marketer can use our PTSU platform to pay users for participation in their projects with Bitcoin. Users can earn 1000 SAT (minimum payment) for each offer. We use Satoshi as internal currency
(1 BTC = 100000000 SAT). Payment is instant and without transaction cost through Coinbase.

We are calling all new blockchain user and veteran bounty hunter. Join our platform to stop data abuse and start earning from your valuable data. Our forum is open and dedicated for any discussion about airdrops, bounty, cryptocurrencies, mining, and other blockchain technology related topics. If you have any suggestion, please contact us through our support form, live chat, and forum.

It Doesn't matter if you are betta or whale investor, new or in love with blockchain technology, a small or big donation will be appreciated and noted as supporter.

Send your donation (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin) through our Coinbase account : or 3LkqHcpFUFQUejXDvumfUmdB2ZTjRj8tfZ (bitcoin only) with your username in the message. Let's make "blockchain" and "airdrop" great again!


$125,000,000 XLM Airdrop and Stellar Development Foundation Airdrop

$125,000,000 XLM Airdrop

The biggest blockchain explorer and wallet had partnered with Stellar Development Foundation for ongoing XLM airdrop. This will bring open opportunity for a new user that wants enter the world of cryptocurrency.

Read the "airdrop" announcement

Celes Global Airdrop

500.000 CCHN Tokens Airdrop

Celes chain consensus algorithm

Celes Chain is a public chain for developing and running DApps(Decentralized Applications). Both institutions and persons can develop and execute DApps on Celes Chain, which is supported by consensus algorithm.

Read the "airdrop" announcement


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